Business without borders:

Last week we had corn, this week we have dairy. Will it ever end? Not only Mexican businesses and consumers but also the American counterparts are affected by President Trump’s talk of renegotiating NAFTA. U.S. dairy farmers are already struggling with low milk prices and have expressed their concerns about the future trade relationship with Mexico – their biggest export market. The National Milk Producers Federation states that 15% of dairy production in the U.S is exported to Mexico and that the income of dairy farmers all around the country depends heavily on this trade. This past week President Trump promised “pleasant surprises” in regards to NAFTA renegotiation – an agreement he once called the worst deal in U.S History.

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US-MX Relations:

Former U.S. President George W. Bush has made the case for continuing to fund foreign aid programs and offering a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He believes that a compromise on immigration reform can be reached to give people that are in the U.S. illegally a chance for citizenship. “I think it’s very important for us to recognize the importance of Mexico and the relationship we have with Mexico. We want Mexico to succeed. It’s in our national interest they succeed,” said Bush on a recent interview with NPR. President Bush expressed his thoughts on Trump’s border wall proposal and talked about the presidential inauguration and his struggle to put on the poncho (which you definitely saw!).

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PR & Communications for Business:

We all know the we are living in the digital era. Times have drastically changed and we communicate differently. Communication between people has evolved, communication between businesses has changed and communication with the consumer is substantially different. Investment in PR by U.S. companies has steadily increased in past years due to the growth of social media, content development, SEO-online focus, company story telling and a renewed focus by marketing professionals on media reach and media partners. APR continues to be more cost effective compared to pricey advertising campaigns. The rise of the Internet has led to an explosion of PR due to the need to share information, news, blog posts and experiences. Did you know that 86% of younger U.S. Hispanics go to social media or blogs to receive their daily dose of news, content, and information? Well, now you know. PR has significantly substituted advertising and is strengthening its ties with marketing. Let’s talk about your PR needs!