Business Without Borders:

Farm groups and farm-state lawmakers are increasingly looking at the NAFTA renegotiation – as if removing a big bandage. If it has to be done – and the Trump administration has made it clear that it does – then it’s far better to accept the pain and get it done quickly. Mexico – that spends about $19 billion per year to buy U.S. corn, beef, pork, rice and milk among other commodities, is becoming increasingly jittery about the availability of U.S. exports. The sooner the countries can close the books on a new NAFTA, the better. Trump’s insistence on building a border wall and bill Mexico for it, and the increasing rhetoric and actions to deport undocumented residents has further strained the U.S.-Mexico relation, and neither of the two countries seems to be backing off.

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US-MX Relations:

America’s workforce is changing. Baby boomers are retiring and the U.S. birth rates are falling. With fewer native born workers coming into the job market, the country is becoming more reliant on immigrant workers than ever before. Today, immigrants make up 17% of the U.S. labor force and nearly a quarter of those immigrants are undocumented. Without the current inflow of both legal and undocumented immigrants, the total U.S. work force would shrink dramatically over the next 20 years. Not only would this impact the overall economic growth, but it would also hurt certain industries that rely heavily on immigrant labor. There are 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. – and 8 million are part of the work force.

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