Business Without Borders:

As the third round of NAFTA talks wrapped up last Wednesday in Ottawa, trade ministers from Canada, Mexico and the United States touted their progress. While pleased with last week’s headway, they admitted that a consensus has yet to develop on the make-or-break issues at the heart of a re-negotiated NAFTA. Although stiff challenges remain, there is a sense of confidence that new ideas will encourage constructive dialogue and practical solutions. The next round of talks will be held in Washington D.C.

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US-MX Relations:

How does Mexico deal with President Trump? In a recent article from the New Yorker, John Lee Anderson exposes the different situations Mexicans have endured throughout the past several months. As an introduction, he discusses a public protest against Donald Trump in Mexico City from January 2017. “Trump began his assault on Mexico almost as soon as he announced his candidacy for President”, Anderson writes. A link to the rest of the article can be found below. Have business interests in both Mexico and the U.S.? Let us assist you with your corporate communications as businesses everywhere adjust to the new political climate.

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PR & Communications for Business:

Why do you need PR? Public relations is the management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of individuals and organizations of public interest, and plans and executes campaigns designed to explain those policies and procedures to the public. With marketing strategists in the U.S. noting the effectiveness of public relations in building a brand, the importance of PR continues to evolve. The increased use of public relations by both startups and established companies to build and solidify public interest in their brands solidifies the role of public relations as a key component for businesses in all industries. What are your PR needs? Talk to us: