DALLAS, TX – These are some of the highlights discussed during our US-MX Bilateral Relationship Discussion Panel  – We hope you can join us for our next event!


  1. Mexico and the U.S. have 193 years of diplomatic relations.
  2. Together, the U.S. and Mexico make up the most competitive region in the world.
  3. The U.S. and Mexico generate more than $530 billion dollars worth of trade each year.
  4. 14 million U.S. jobs depend on NAFTA and six million (nearly 20 million American jobs) rely directly on trade with Mexico.
  5. With 50 ports of entry, the U.S. and Mexico share the most legally crossed border in the world.
  6. U.S. security and prosperity directly depend on a peaceful, stable, and cooperative Mexico.
  7. Latinos represent the fastest growing minority and 17% of the entire U.S. population (55.2 million). 35 million are from Mexican origin.
  8. Ten percent of the U.S. citizen population is of Mexican origin.
  9. Undocumented immigration from Mexico is falling. There are already one million less Mexican immigrants in the U.S. than there were three years ago.
  10. The bilateral agenda has diversified not only on security issues but on education, competition, climate change, energy, and regional cooperation.

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