As a strategic communications firm, our job is to help clients translate their stories, on both sides of the border, which when placed within the right cultural context and language, will advance their interests and business objectives.

We provide strategic communications advice and advocacy to companies operating, investing in, or exporting to other countries. We help clients address strategic, political and market communications needs, with unmatched market knowledge, extensive regional experience and a deep network of relationships with local businesses, government and civic leaders.

We help U.S. companies that want to start operating, investing in, or exporting across borders. We understand the differences between both countries and effectively adapt messages and stories to the target audience.

We are expert storytellers with the experience, connections, political know-how and communication savvy to deliver results. We translate from the client’s “language” to the target audience’s.

Today, GCYA USA is…

  • A dynamic and growing communications firm headquartered in Dallas, TX
  • An agency of Guerra Castellanos, Mexico City – we are proud of our history yet we look toward the future
  • A communications firm that partners with international companies across industries and verticals
  • A results-oriented firm that works coast-to-coast and in key markets in the United States
  • An agency with established relationships with media, bloggers, analysts and influencers which impact your business
  • Your communications partner that uses the newest and latest communications vehicles and techniques to spread your messages
  • An experienced communications team with fresh, innovative and proven ideas, that adapts to the fast paced, changing business environment in the U.S.
  • Your communications partner whose only priority is you our client



2220 Canton St., Suite 409 Dallas, TX 75201